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Welcome to Sparkling Eyelash, where beauty meets elegance! As the owner of this esteemed lash salon, we specialize in creating stunning and captivating eyelash enhancements that will make your eyes sparkle like never before. Our team of skilled and passionate lash technicians is dedicated to providing you with top-notch service and ensuring you leave feeling confident and beautiful.


Experience the epitome of glamour with our Human Hair extensions. Crafted from the finest quality human hair, we offer a seamless blend that enhances your natural beauty. Transform your look with luscious length, volume, and texture that's sure to turn heads.
Discover the unrivaled elegance of our Premium Silk lashes. Impeccably crafted with ultra-fine silk fibers, these lashes offer a lightweight and comfortable feel. Experience the ultimate sophistication as our Premium Silk lashes enhance your eyes with a touch of graceful allure.
Reveal the full potential of your natural lashes with our Lift & Tint service. Our skilled technicians use specialized techniques to lift and curl your lashes, giving them a beautiful upward sweep. Combined with a professional tint, your lashes will appear darker and more defined, creating a captivating and effortlessly glamorous look.
When it's time to bid farewell to your lash extensions, trust our gentle and meticulous removal service. Our expert technicians ensure a safe and comfortable removal process, taking care to preserve the health and integrity of your natural lashes. Say goodbye to your extensions without any hassle, leaving your lashes ready for their next stunning transformation.

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